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Managing for Growth

Managing for Growth is a management development programme designed to give your team leaders, supervisors, managers and senior management team the practical skills to deal with and facilitate change and continued growth. It is guaranteed to improve communication and increase efficiency, teamwork, productivity and profit.

The course covers (amongst other things) the following areas:


  • Communicating and influencing skills

  • Managing conflict

  • Motivational management

  • Stress management

  • Managing performance

  • Time management

  • Delegating

  • Problem-solving, decision-making making and idea-generation


Designed for groups of up to 6 people, the first 7 sessions are held every 2 weeks, with the final session a month later. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours, so it doesn’t take people away from the workplace for extended periods, and there is minimal disruption to work routines other than to implement the improvements learned. The full programme is spread over 4 months, giving the participants time to become skilled at a new way of working and ensuring attitude and culture changes are sustained.


Throughout the programme, the participants participate in work-based activities that will cause them to evaluate every aspect of their job and identify areas for improvement. By the end of the programme, the participants will act on these action lists and implement improvement projects that deliver tangible, measurable results, including increased revenues, decreased costs, improved customer retention levels, enhanced operational efficiency, and decreased employee turnover.


One of the ideas implemented by a company participant (a small engineering firm with 35 employees) increased annual revenue by £134,185! Another company saved 712 hours of overtime per annum.


Fee: £8,975

This price is per group and subject to VAT.

Our Guarantee:

If you don’t receive at least a 100% return on your investment as a direct result of the programme, we will refund you the difference or continue working with you for free until you do.

Thus, the programme is at best highly profitable and at worst free of charge!

Testimonial for Managing for Growth:


We booked the Managing for Growth course with High Force Training following yearly appraisals with Team Leaders, who expressed their interest in attending a training course that covered a wide range of Leadership and Management topics.

The process of selecting and booking the course was extremely easy and straight forward and I received regular communications from Simon clarifying and confirming dates and logistics. 

Not only was Simon very accommodating to our needs in preparing a bespoke course that covered the subject areas that we required, he also provided information on funding training grants available to us and how to apply.

The course content was extremely well presented, and the information covered was useful and applicable with informative, practical and user-friendly course material and handouts.

Bearing in mind that some of the staff who attended had never received any formal training, Simon kept the course fun and interactive ensuring that attendees never lost interest in the curriculum content.  Attendees were encouraged to ask questions and the course was delivered at an appropriate pace.

Based on feedback received from our Team Leaders, they were all very well engaged, and all took value from the course which they have immediately put into practice in their day to day work.

In terms of price, I would say the quality and immediate applicability of the material by all attendees will see a good return on investment and increased overall productivity and efficiency.

This is an excellent course, Simon is clearly passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he does, the training was relevant, focused and up to date. Due to this, we will use High Force going forward for any future training requirements.

HR Manager
Sabre Rail Services Limited

Some other comments from programme participants:


The skills learned from this course will be invaluable to my future career in management.

Managing for Growth led to an overall improvement in the team’s efficiency and in turn resulted in higher throughput.


The programme has provided a solid foundation of knowledge and skills relevant to managing others and myself.


Some of my own personal takeaways from this course are:

  • Managing my time better, along with better organisation

  • Understanding the needs of others and their different goals and perspectives

  • Knowing when to say “no” and delegating efficiently

  • How to limit unnecessary procrastination

  • Properly manage conflicts and build rapport with others


Material from the course has already proven useful in the implementation of new approaches to work and attitudes at the company, much to the benefit of the business.

Benefits for me are:

  • Communicate better with colleagues

  • Easier to prioritise tasks

  • Provide better quality of work

  • More productive

  • Reduced Stress

Team communication:

  • Improved team morale and time management

  • More effective use of team members and their skills 

  • Team works more efficiently

  • Project timelines adhered to, and milestones met

  • Able to solve issues together as a team

  • Improved communication throughout the team

  • Improved communication between departments

Personal development:

  • More effective time management and prioritisation of workload

  • Increased problem solving and delegating skills

  • Gained the confidence to apply for People Leader role

  • Better understanding of individuals

Improved efficiency & utilisation of resources


Significant raw material cost saving - £30,500 pa

Saving 712 hours of overtime per annum

Increased annual revenue by £134,185

This programme has helped me:

  • Be less stressed in meeting situations

  • Be more efficient

  • Increase client and contractor satisfaction

  • Improve on-site communication

I found all the sessions really helpful and beneficial.

It was lovely to work with you over the past few months. I took so much away from the training, so many thanks for your assistance with this.


Less stressed in meeting situations, more efficient, increased client and contractor satisfaction, improved on site communication.


Improved performance, enhanced well-being, greater sense of ownership.


Improved information management as a result of improved efficiency in delegation and a better motivated team.


More focused meetings, clearer communication, growth of team members.


Understanding my favoured style and how it’s important to adapt my style to suit the person.

Being aware of my own emotions and how they influence my behaviour. Strengths and weaknesses of personality type.

No “What ifs”, Staying Positive, Reframing perspective.

Learning to say “No”. Avoiding procrastination. More effective delegation.

Preparation and structuring the conversation.

From the beginning of the programme, I envisaged that I would be a ‘passenger’, however, the content drew me in and allowed me to step back, reflect and look forward, both independently and candidly with the team. A rare opportunity in our busy day-to-day lives.

The training topics were presented in a logical order - 96% Yes

The instructor was effective and had good presentation and training skills - 100% Yes

Supporting paperwork and course notes etc were of high standard - 96% Yes

Providing the tools to help me to improve my management style and improve my working relationship with my team.

The course covers a lot of topics which will help develop different types of people in different departments.

I thought that the motivational and stress management sessions were very useful. However, it was problem solving that I found most helpful, as it really helped me to understand that more minds are better than one and emphasised the strength of a team working collaboratively.

All sections of the course were really useful.

Great to interact and understand how other personnel from other departments operate and the roles they have.

Discussing in a structured forum with other colleagues to understand everyone’s different approaches and how that relates to the course content.

Learning how to be a more empathetic manager as well as hearing the experiences of other department managers across different areas of the business.

Very engaging activities and role-play.

I enjoyed the course and the fact it was face-to-face learning was really positive. Gaining experience and insight into managers on site and the situations they encounter really benefited me on the course. Simon was a great trainer and very engaging.

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